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Amigos del Mundo offers you the opportunity to work in CusqueA�a, Peruvian and foreign companies and organizations. Thanks to the exclusive agreements we offer you the experience of living very closely the business life from different areas that are addressed to professionals of the careers of: administration, marketing, communication, commerce, institutional image, international business and others, being the different Fields of action in:

  • Tourist Area: Travel Agencies, Hotels, Restaurants.
  • Public and Private Entities.
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  • Nonprofit organizations.
  • Cultural centers

Performing your internship in Cusco will give you the opportunity to be part of a new world full of needs, shortcomings in which barriers of knowledge are destroyed and caring for others are the major engine to move forward.

Are you looking for a special area in which you would like to develop your internship? We are open to listening to your comments and offering you new possibilities.

You can also contact us by:

Amigosdelmundo / +51 982 40160

The areas in which we work are:

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