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Amigos del Mundo offers you the opportunity to work on Social Projects knowing different social realities. We have a variety of agreements in different centers that seek support in areas such as psychology, education, sociology and others.

The places we work with are:

  • Children’s Orphanages
  • Orphanages for Girls
  • Juvenile Detention Centers
  • Centers for people with disabilities
  • Local groups specializing in Art
  • Cultural centers
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Children’s Gardens

Performing your internship in Cusco will give you the opportunity to be part of a new world full of needs, shortcomings in which barriers of knowledge are destroyed and caring for others are the major engine to move forward.

Are you looking for a special area in which you would like to develop your internship? We are open to listening to your comments and offering you new possibilities.

You can also contact us by:

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Amigosdelmundo / +51 982 40160

The areas in which we work are:

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