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Amigos del Mundo is a Peruvian organization born from the idea that intercultural exchange is the bridge to understanding andis vital in stimulating development both locally and globally. We offer a responsible tourism that gives foreigners a complete experience in Peru, including housing, professional growth, and tours in a sustainable fashion that promotes education, innovation, and conservation of environment and culture. We are proud of our Peruvian culture and have a passion for preserving and sharing it with the world.

Our mission is to give a complete and fulfilling experience to our international visitors at a fair price and in a way that supports our local communities and preserves our resources.

We Promise

  • To offer personalized programs of interchange and volunteering. We know that every student and volunteer is unique with specific needs and expectations, which is why our programs are flexible to the requirements and needs of every person.
  • That all donations will be sent to the Project of the month, thanks to your support via participation in tours with Amigos Del Mundo.
  • To provide high quality tours with social and environmental responsibility. Experienced guides and unforgettable experiences.
  • To offer a variety of housing options of high standards to make our clients feel comfortable, integrated into the Peruvian culture, and cared after.
  • That all our activities will promote interchange and friendship between our local network and international students and volunteers
  • To organize the complete experience of Peru for you.

Amigos del Mundo offers the opportunity to have an authentic experience that will positively impact the local community and just might change your life. Come give us a visit and let us show you!